How to Satisfy Your Entrepreneurial Spirit (Without the Terror of Going it Alone)

This post is sponsored by Aflac. I was compensated for writing it, but all opinions are 100 percent mine.

So many of us dream of taking control of our careers in a way we often can’t when employed by another company (vs. working for ourselves). We’re given limited opportunity to do our jobs in ways that are even a smidge outside of the box. We’re expected to be at our desks for these precise hours every day. We have little or no control over our incomes or salary growth.

For all these reasons, entrepreneurism can seem like a mighty appealing career option—until you factor in the risk. And the potential for feeling isolated and under-supported. And the scariness of having to learn the many (MANY) things required to operate a successful business.

For a lot of professionals high on entrepreneurial spirit and drive, these possible downsides will outweigh the potential upside to the point that they stay on the side of safety, in those jobs with limited flexibility, no room for growth, and little freedom or control.

But, what if there were a way to take command over your career and salary without the terror of going it alone?

Come to find out, there is. 

More and more companies today – including some of the largest, best-known brands in the world – are out looking for professionals with this hunger, drive and entrepreneurial spirit. They’re looking for people to help their organizations grow and thrive, while simultaneously offering roles (plenty of them are sales-related) that enable professionals to operate in much the same way a full-on business owner does, yet with the training, tools and ongoing support that small business owners rarely receive when going it alone.

(I can vouch for this – My primary “training” when I launched my first business involved searching the internet for hours, until I found the help or answers I needed.)

We’ve joined up in a campaign with one such company, Aflac. 

Aflac is a Fortune 500 insurance firm whose agents are all independent contractors – or entrepreneurs. But the key here is this – they’re entrepreneurs who are gaining that flexibility, freedom and earning potential while also enjoying optional company-provided training, tools and hands-on support to help ensure that they’re successful in their roles.

Sound like your cup of tea?

You can learn more about it right HERE:


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