STARTS TODAY! Pivot Assembly -- Find Your Dream Job (or Business)!

We are LIVE! For those who have been following along on the blog or our other social media channels for the past few days, you've probably seen us talking about Pivot Assembly: Evolve Your Career with Confidence. 

For months, I've been quietly co-producing this virtual event, which aims to help anyone and everyone wanting a better, less soul-sucking, more fulfilling career to gather up the gumption, get organized and generate momentum toward that NEXT BIG THING.

The (free) 3-day event went live this morning. (Cue the confetti! Bring in the party horns!)

Are you considering, planning or already in motion with a career pivot? If so, come join us!

What is Pivot Assembly?

Pivot Assembly is a free online career conference featuring 16 of some of the best known career change experts around. Co-producer Michelle Ward (the When I Grow Up Coach) and I interviewed all of these incredible people, and discussed all kinds of topics related to shifting a corporate career, or starting your own business. 

A few of the topics include:

  • How to Get Unstuck

  • How to Craft a Pivot Strategy

  • How to Align Your Messaging with Your Goals

  • How to Negotiate Your Best Deal

  • What to Expect as a New Entrepreneur

  • How to Pivot Your Career as a Millennial

  • And a whole bunch more...!

When is it?

We launched this morning at 12:01 AM ET and we'll be rolling until 11:59 PM ET on Friday, Sept. 15. 

Each day, we'll feature 5-6 free video interviews (also available as audio files if you're more a podcast person), and they're available all day. Once the day is done, we pull down the batch, and insert the next day's batch. You can watch as many as you want all day long, today through Wednesday.

Who is it For?

Anyone considering something different, really. We've got discussions related to making traditional career shifts, as well as several geared toward people working to launch or build an entrepreneurship. All of the sessions are free. 

If you're someone who knows you want more in your career, Pivot Assembly is for you.

Who Are the Speakers?

In addition to Michelle and me, here's who we have in the mix:

  • Paul Angone, All Groan Up

  • Jenny Blake, Author of Pivot: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One

  • Jennifer Lee, Artizen Coaching

  • Scott Barlow, Happen to Your Career

  • Jamie Lee / Lisa Gates, SheNegotiates

  • Pamela Slim, Author of Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation

  • Miriam Salpeter, Keppie Careers

  • Ash Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project

  • Emilie Wapnick, Puttylike

  • Laura Sims, With Laura Sims

  • Crystal Marsh, Crystal Marsh Consulting

  • Danielle Spurge, The Merriweather Council

  • Tara Gentile, CoCommercial

  • April Bowles-Olin, Blacksburg Belle

Do I have to Watch the Sessions at a Specific Time?

No, and yes. (How's that for an answer?)

No, the sessions are not running at a set time on any particular day. The interviews that are live each day (5-6 every day, starting today) are viewable all day long, up until 11:59 p.m. ET.

Yes, in that you will need to watch the sessions that interest you today before 11:59 p.m. ET tonight. 

We will pull today's batch down at 11:59 p.m. ET, and post a fresh batch for tomorrow (and another fresh batch on Friday). 

How Do I Access the Interviews?

That's the easiest one of all. If you're interest in joining us for any or all of the FREE Pivot Assembly sessions, dive right in here:

How Do I Keep the Momentum?

If you want to keep watching the video sessions indefinitely AND snag 16 additional career pivot resources (things like e-courses, books and online workshops) thrown in by the experts for only $97, be sure and check out PivotPlus. If you were to purchase these resources individually, they'd cost a total of $2,698. Today-Friday, they are available for $97.

That's a 96% savings. 

Our Weekend Resume Makeover course, which sells for $229 here on the site, is among the products offered, so you'll save nearly 60% on that one product alone by jumping in to PivotPlus.

On Sept 16th, the price bump to $179 (still a screaming deal!) and on the 25th, it will be gone forever.

If you're ready for something better, more challenging, less soul-sucking, more lucrative, why not make today the day you kick off the journey? Let's do it.