5 Unbeatable Tools for Career Pivoters

In keeping with our "all things career pivot" theme of the week here (you're signed up for Pivot Assembly, right? Tomorrow is the last day for the free sessions), I thought I'd share a few of my absolute favorite resources for people embarking on a career transition (large or small). 

These are tools that I point people to again and again as part of my coaching practice. Every one of them is great for all types of career paths and professionals, but these resources are particularly incredible for those among you mulling over a career pivot. 

My Favorite Career Pivot Resources:

So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love.

You need to read this if you’re wondering if the magic answer is to simply follow your passion (a la, do what you love so the money will follow). Cal Newport, the author of this absolute gem of a career book, is a computer scientist out of Georgetown University. He studied the statistical correlation between those who follow their passion career-wise and those who cite long-term career satisfaction.

Guess what? He discovered that there’s often an inverse relationship between those who select their next career role based on passion alone and those who proclaim that they feel satisfied in their careers (crazy, I know!) The book explores an alternate method for ensuring that you choose career moves that will, ultimately, bring about happiness and fulfillment. (This is also a great resource for people considering shifting into entrepreneurship!)

How to Interview Better than 99% of People in the World.

If you want to understand the game that’s being played in interviews across the country (lord, don't we all?) -- and use this knowledge to land an amazing new job (and maybe even a raise!) -- then you’ve got to meet Ramit Sethi. He’s a New York Times Best-selling author, who has been offered jobs at Google, Intuit, AND a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund.

Ramit later went on to help thousands of other people find their dream jobs, beating out people with 10+ years experience and nailing interview after interview. In this video, Ramit outlines what it takes to walk away from an interview with a job offer — instead of scratching your head wondering what went wrong -- and how to interview better than 99% of people in the world. (Note that this is an affiliate link: If you choose to purchase Ramit's products, we make a little bit of money for the referral. Also note -- We only point people to others that we absolutely love.)


I probably recommend this job board to three or more people every week. VentureLoop is a job board that specifically features open positions within venture-backed startups. Often, the jobs you’ll see advertised here aren’t advertised anywhere else (think: less competition!)

The reason I love this job board for career pivoters is because, often, those in transition are looking for something more challenging, more inspiring, more fast-paced or an opportunity to make a more immediate impact. Startups may provide just that opportunity. VentureLoop is a wonderful, lesser known job board to keep on your radar as you work to transition your career.


I can’t speak highly enough about this absolute treasure chest of a resource for professionals at every stage, including those making a career pivot. I’m slightly biased, yes, because I’ve had the honor of serving as a columnist for The Muse for the past few years. Through that time, I’ve had a front-row seat in watching a scrappy startup turn into the gold standard, go-to resource in the career community. You’ll find endless career transition how-to articles on The Muse, a killer job board and a wide range of coaching services.


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