Why Having a Plan A is Critical When Switching Careers


Are you thinking about changing careers? If yes, then you need to know about Dawn Graham and her brand new book, Switchers

Dawn is the Director of Career Management for the MBA Program for Executives at The Wharton School and one of the best-known career coaches in the U.S. She's also host of SiriusXM Radio's Career Talk show (we first met there!)

I had the opportunity to chat with Dawn about Switchers last week. (It's the debut episode of a brand-new industry experts series over on YouTube.)

We talked about the importance of having a Plan A when working to change careers, and why keeping your options open can work against you through a pivot. (Amen, Dawn. I've been preaching this same message for years.)

A few other important takeaways from the conversation:

  1. It's not a fair process. (In fact, there's a full chapter called, "It's Not Fair.")

  2. You may think you need to go back to school to change careers, but it probably shouldn't be first on the list.

  3. You don't just need to "go network" when switching careers, you've got to enlist what she calls Ambassadors.

  4. You need to change your mindset through this and think like a hiring manager.

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And you'll find Dawn's book right HERE (and also over on Amazon.com. )

Last thing -- If you've made a successful career change, please share what worked best for you (and what didn't work so well) in the comments section below!