Got a Skills Gap? Need Job Search Help? Try LinkedIn Learning (for Free!)


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I just got back from Carpinteria, California, a wonderful little beach town just south of Santa Barbara. I didn’t get much opportunity to work on my tan (um, it was 40 degrees). Instead, it was a week spent with the incredibly talented team. We filmed two new job search-related courses for the LinkedIn Learning platform. They’re set to launch in the coming weeks.

Do you know about LinkedIn Learning? Are you using it?

LinkedIn Learning — formerly — is a massive online learning platform offering expert-led business, technology and creative skills development courses. And, if you have a LinkedIn Premium membership, you have access to every last one of them, at no additional cost.

Why is this so great?

If you’re already investing in LinkedIn Premium, this is an incredible value-add to the membership, especially if you’re an active job seeker or, perhaps, looking to shore up a skills gap or sharpen an existing skill to be more competitive in the market.

Many of the clients I work with know nothing about LinkedIn Learning and its availability to Premium members. Given this, I’m here to shout it from the rooftops that you should check it out.

Currently, our Resume Makeover and Job Seeker Tips courses are included on LinkedIn Learning. Soon, the tutorials we just filmed — both designed to help you grab the attention of potential employers with a dazzling cover letter — will also go live.


The platform is just unbeatable if you’re looking to learn something new — whether that’s leadership skills, interview tips, photography, Agile project management or advanced Excel (and just about everything in between).

Not a LinkedIn Premium member now?

How’s about a free month?

If you’d like to check out all that LinkedIn Learning has to offer — and enjoy all the additional benefits of LinkedIn Premium — they’re offering a free month trial membership.

You can check that out right here.

Are you already using LinkedIn Learning? Tell us what your favorite courses are in the comments below. And, if you’d like to be alerted when our new courses launch on LinkedIn Learning, be sure and sign up for our mailing list!