Tired of being a cog in the machine? Check out the $100 Startup

I'll cut to the chase.

I launched my recruiting agency in large part because I was exhausted from being a cog in the machine of Corporate America. Certainly, I don't devalue the experience of working for a corporation, and I admire the heck out of plenty of companies here in the U.S.

But one day, I woke up and realized I needed something different, something more.
I knew I had a business in me, and I knew I'd never be satisfied unless I took a crack at it.

Is this you?

Are you looking to make a career transition that lets YOU be the boss?
Do you have a great idea that you just know would be a wonderful career, if only you knew how the hell to pull it off?

Are you looking to find deep meaning in your profession, and not finding it in your day job?

If any of these sound like you, you may be interested in author (and fellow Portlander) Chris Guilleabeau's new book, The $100 Startup, which goes on sale May 8.
Chris has graciously made the book available to JobJenny.com readers before it hits the shelves.

Read on.

The book walks you through 50 examples of people just like you and me who launched small (and some of them, quite unconventional) businesses with an initial investment of $100 or less.
Get it, The $100 Startup?

For those who always believed that entrepreneurship requires voluminous business plans and boatloads of cash, this book shows how much hogwash that truly is. Even better, it tells you EXACTLY how to build your own dream business, on $100 or less.

During this presale, which lasts just 72 hours, you also get 18 additional business e-courses and e-books (more than $1,000 of 'em!).
Here's everything you get for 100 bucks:
Zee book = "The $100 Startup" (Hardcover w/ shipping included)

The e-courses and e-books =

Better Blogging ($137 in value)
  • Corbett Barr - Creating, Marketing, and Designing A Blog That Matters
  • Susannah Conway - Blogging From The Heart (eBook version)
Passion-based Business ($137)
  • Jonathan Mead -- Identifying Your Passion Module + Workbook
  • Scott Dinsmore -- Live Off Your Passion (eBook version)
Freelancing ($111)
  • Ashley Ambirge -- You Don't Need a Job, You Need Guts
  • Men with Pens -- Freelancer Package: Write for the Web, Guest Posting Guide, Beyond Brick & Mortar
Confidence & Courage ($129)
  • Johnny B. Truant -- Tao of Awesome
  • Marianne Elliot -- 30 Days of Courage (w/ Yoga Module)
Selling & Advertising ($144)
  • Pam Slim -- Ethical Selling That Works
  • David Risley -- Double Your Ad Income
Technology & Systems ($171)
  • Joshua Kaufman -- The Personal MBA Guide to Small Business Infrastructure
  • Free The Apps -- How to Make iPhone Apps
  • Brett Kelly -- Evernote Essentials
Artists & Writes ($130)
  • Alyson Stanfield -- Turning Your Hobby into a Career (download & audio program)
  • Chris Guillebeau -- Unconventional Guide to Publishing

So, an amazing amazing not-yet-launched book (I'm 2/3rds of the way done with my copy and it's brilliant), and $1,000 of other material that will help you launch, for $100.
Who doesn't like saving 90% off of really cool stuff?

The promo begins tomorrow, Monday, April 30th at exactly Noon ET.
And it ends Thursday at Noon ET.

You can buy it HERE (click this)


Now the even better part....
I will be taking all of the people who purchase the $100 Startup through this sale and putting your names into a hat (a bona fide black magician's hat. When you have three kids, you have such things lying around the house.)

I will draw one name out and that person will receive a $50 Visa gift card. So you, friend? Will be halfway there on the investment toward your new business.

How's about them apples?

So, if it's time for you to do your own thing, come on back tomorrow a.m. at Noon ET.

You don't have to feel like a cog in the machine. And there may be a very doable way out. As someone who has used some of these very products to grow my own business? I know they work.

I feel really great that I have this opportunity to bring Chris Guillebeau's offer to you this week.
So if you're dying to venture out on your own, come on back tomorrow morning.

It's time to bust a move.