Ready to Stop Being an MHAB? (Marginally Happy at Best)

Years ago, as a young adult, I looked around and noticed something about many of the "real adults" I worked with.

No one seemed particularly happy. 

It wasn't that they were having a bad day, per se. It was more like they had this sort of grey-ish cloud looming overhead pretty much every day. They may not have been downright miserable (some I'm guessing were), but they just didn't seen to be enjoying their work -- or their lives --  much at all. 

I coined a term for these people, and I've been using it ever since:

MHAB -- Marginally Happy at Best

An MHAB is someone who is trudging through life as if it's a chore (because, it is). 

An MHAB is feeling stuck, but maybe doesn't know how to make things better, or what to even focus on next.

Some MHABs have even decided there's probably not a lot of hope, or time, or possibility to make their careers, their situations, their paychecks, their lives much better ... and so they do nothing. 

There are lots and lots of MHABs out there. I see them every day. I work with some of them (and help them find a path out of their MHAB-ness.)

Are you an MHAB?

Are you spending every day with that dull toothache of discontent, but maybe feeling super scared to pull the tooth -- because you don't know how much it'll cost, or how much it'll hurt, or how much disruption it will cause to your life, or if it'll be better once you give it a yank?

I was an MHAB. I coined the term and, at age 33, I assigned it to myself. 

After longer-than-I-care-to-admit, I yanked the tooth and dramatically shifted my career into what, today, is

It was challenging. It was scary. I questioned my sanity from time to time.

But then guess what? Things started to gain momentum. Things started to work. The "wound" of the toothache healed. Today? I wonder how I ever even lived with the toothache for so long in the first place.

Are you ready to get rid of the toothache?

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Photo: Flickr Creative Commons (Centro Guel